Hog Roast Machines Hire

Hog Roast Machine HireWhen we say we are here to meet all of your hog roast catering needs, we mean it! This includes providing you with flexible, user-friendly options to prepare your own hog roasts, if you would prefer to do your own catering for your event or you are providing professional mobile catering services of your own. Whatever situation you are in, we are bound to have a hog roast hire package that suits your needs, and we will make the whole process of hiring one as smooth and simple as possible. If you are considering hiring a hog roast machine for any purpose, please read on for more info about the advantages of hiring hog roast equipment from us and the suitable of our hog roast machines for different purposes.

Benefits Of Hiring A Hog Roast Rickerby Machine

Hiring a Hog Roast Rickerby machine comes with the peace of mind that you will be using equipment supplied by the most established hog roast specialists in the area. Our cutting-edge hog roast machines are designed and manufactured in the workshop of UK Head Office, by hog roast equipment experts who design and make every element with quality, function and versatility in mind. Our machines are robust, reliable and very user-friendly. They can be operated in just about any environment, they can easily be transported in a van, and they are straightforward to set up.

Flexible And Affordable Hire Packages

We offer very flexible terms for all of our hog roaster hire packages, enabling you to get exactly what you want from the machine you hire for as long as you want it for. We offer short-term hire starting from single events to longer-term hire as required. We will make sure the machine you hire meets your requirements and is a piece of equipment that you will be comfortable operating based on your level of catering experience.

We will deliver the machine to your venue, where our onsite delivery team will give you the full rundown on how to operate it safely and effectively, as well as sharing some top tips for achieving the most succulent texture and crunchiest crackling. We can also supply gas canisters to power the machine, and if you need some help in sourcing some high quality free-range pork to cook, we can help you out with this too.

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Hog Roast Rickerby Machine Hire For Commercial Use

Hiring a hog roast machine is the ideal way to prepare a high volume of hot food for any outdoor event, whether it is catering at your own establishment in the summer months or taking your business on the road and catering for outdoor weddings or festivals for example. As well as giving you the quality and quantity of food you want to prepare, you can cook your hog roast in any setting in full view of your diners, offering them an impressive spectacle as well as fantastic freshly cooked food. We also have machines for commercial use that vary in capacity and function depending on the amount and variety of food you would like to prepare.

Hog Roaster Hire For Private Clients

Even if you aren’t a professional caterer, you can still fulfil your dream of being a hog roast chef for the day. We will ensure the machine you hire is straightforward to operate and we have smaller models available which are ideal for private use at garden parties and local community events for example. Under the expert guidance of our team who will deliver the machine to your venue, you will soon be feeling confident enough to take the helm, and we’re sure you will have a great time doing it. Whatever you hog roast catering aspirations are, Hog Roast Rickerby can offer you your ideal hog roast machine hire package!