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Hog Roast EllandFor the Great Border City your events should expect nothing but the greatest in event catering. Hog Roast Stainton administer stylish and brilliant catering to events all across Carlisle, making sure to give guests a unique and delicious dining experience that goes well beyond the dining table. With the authentic hog roast dining experience that we have become renowned for your events in Carlisle are imbued with touch of spectacle to go along with an incredible meal.

Our spit roasted pig is a sight for all to enjoy, and with this most traditional and authentic of culinary practices your meaty roast comes away tasting even better than your usual oven roast methods. Its brilliance is designed specifically for events, no other dish comes close for matching to the style and demand of an event, and it’s your today at events all across Carlisle, only with Hog Roast Stainton!

For such a historic and traditional city it seems only apt to have as traditional and brilliant a dish as the hog roast. When in Carlisle you’ll of course know all about the immense sight of Carlisle Castle, or you can enjoy the jewel of the North in Carlisle Cathedral, or feast your eyes upon a great piece of history and the reason for Carlisle’s border city nickname in the last remnants of Hadrian’s Wall.

Hog Roast EllandSo much history and tradition packed into one city, just like our authentic hog roast! We’ve only been making it for a mere 20+ years, but the hog roast itself dates back centuries to cultures in the UK and across the globe, its used famed for great events and celebrations. Under the shadow of Carlisle’s famous castle why not keep a little slice of that rich tradition alive with the Hog Roast Stainton hog roast and catered experience today!

And of course you can enjoy plenty of other exceptional dishes too with Hog Roast Stainton. We know that Carlisle caters to all tastes as seen with its annual food fair held in the city centre, so of course we at Hog Roast Stainton make sure to cater to every taste too. Enjoy gourmet twists on your British barbecued and roast favourites, or enjoy a slice of the other side of the channel with Mediterranean inspired platters and fresh artisanal meats and cheeses.

Or go with the smoky and spiced flavours of the American south with our special catered menu, or of course just feast on the ol’ reliable with the hog roast and its fresh accompaniments of side salads, stuffing, bread rolls and potatoes prepared every which way. It’s a catered canvas of all your favourite foods to events in Carlisle with Hog Roast Stainton!